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The HPBA is committed to continuing education.  We have partnered with two nationally recognized foundations above to reduce the costs and make it easier for all of our members to stay current with their certifications.  An easy way to earn ceu's to retain your NFI certification through education can be done through Hearth On Line. Go to for more information on that program, They are also great programs to help train new employees!

NFI Review Class & Exam

AHPBA will have the NFI Gas Review class at the annual event on May 2 starting at 8:00 am. At 2:30 pm we will offer the exams for gas, wood, and pellet. We will offer all the exams including retests for gas, pellet, and wood on that day whether we have the review class or not. Please let me know if you are interested in taking one, The cost for the manual and exam package will be $349.00 for AHPBA members, and that is a savings of $50.00 over the price you will pay for at If you are not a member of the AHPBA, please call for prices including retests.

We can now offer a class in the EPA approved RRP course, Renovator - Initial. This class is required for someone that works with your company if you are renovating, repairing, or painting a pre-1978 house and it has lead-based paint that you will be disturbing. We can handle classes of anywhere from 5-24 students, and these classes would be either a one day or two day class depending on the number of students. Please contace Larry Grogan at either or call me at 480-772-2169. We just have one current membersErica Peterson of Earth Energy, of our association  to take the RRP course and they passed. We are offering a reduced rate to AHPBA members. If you are working in a house that was built pre-1978, you need this class and your firm needs to be certified.


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